The majority of the work that we do on churches mainly involves repairs to the roof structure. With many of these buildings having vaulted ceilings and exposed rafters any timber repairs must be carried out in a sympathetic manor and our skilled team are highly sensitive to these often very exacting requirements.

With each and every building being unique, and often of great historical interest, we fully understand the need to carry out repairs and alterations in the most professional and respectful of manors.

The works that NC Carpentry does on chapels and churches are generally overseen by a architect who is highly experienced in working on these types of buildings. Our role is to simply follow the specification of repairs as set out by the architect; tasks that we then ensure are only carried out by our most experienced and trusted team members.

Some of the jobs we are often asked to undertake when working on these buildings typically include repairs to rafters, sarking boards, box gutters & wall plates.